Agreeableness And The Facet Of Sensation Seeking : Clinical Considerations For Young Adults And Alcohol Use

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Extraversion and the Facet of Sensation Seeking: Clinical Considerations for Young Adults and Alcohol Use
Hemingway (1964) wrote in A Moveable Feast, “In Europe then we thought of wine as something healthy and normal as food and also as a great giver of happiness and well-being and delight” (p. 142). Numerous pieces of literature are ripe with references to alcohol and drinking. As a young Ernest Hemingway sat for hours in Parisian cafés and bars, he would drink and socialize among other artists and writers. In searching for new experiences and inspiration through the evocative sights and heavy consumption of alcohol, Hemingway and many of his young expatriate cohorts were labeled as the “lost generation.” This group of young writers and artists exhibited many extraverted qualities such as the desire for novel activities and social interactions. What parts of our personalities as young adults drive us to engage in interpersonal relationships, new experiences, and even risk-taking behavior? Extraversion, one of the broad personality domains of the Big Five, encompasses an individual’s willingness to engage in social situations and enjoy novel activities (Goldberg, 1993). Although there are numerous beneficial outcomes for rating high in extraversion, there are specific aspects of this trait that can predict negative health outcomes. Young adults in particular may be implicated in the tendency to engage in risky and potentially harmful behaviors, such as alcohol…
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