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American Journal of Experimental Agriculture
4(12): 1680-1696, 2014

SCIENCEDOMAIN international Market Information and Extent of Agricultural
Commercialization: Empirical Evidence from
Smallholder Farmers in Effutu Municipality of
Edward Martey1*

Savanna Agricultural Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial
Research, P. O. Box TL 52, Tamale, Ghana.
Author’s contribution
This whole work was carried out by author EM.


Original Research Article

Received 26 March 2014 th Accepted 14 May 2014 th Published 29 July 2014

Aims: Agricultural commercialization literature has shown that access to market information influences market participation by smallholder farmers. However,
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Agricultural production entails investment of resources and farmers will have no incentive for making investments in areas where there is little opportunity for marketing their products or if the returns accruing from the sales of agricultural products do not reflect the opportunity cost of investment. As a result, most farmers in areas with few marketing opportunities are engaged primarily in subsistence agriculture, which has constrained improvement in their quality of life [3]. The problem of market access is linked to the inability of farmers to meet market standards, low volumes of produce, wide dispersion of producers, presence of middlemen and perceived low prices in the formal market [1-7]. Therefore, development policies in Ghana have focused on the modernization and commercialization of the agricultural sector in addressing the major agricultural production and marketing challenges.
[8,9]. The development policy of the Food and Agricultural Sectors II (FASDEP II) is notably among these policies. It seeks to increase both the competitiveness and integration of farmers in domestic and international markets by producing the required volumes as well as the quality of commodities on a timely basis. Specifically, strategies adopted by this policy to


American Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 4(12): 1680-1696, 2014

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