Agricultur Agriculture Argument Essay

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After doing several hours of extended research on this topic, one thing has become very clear, we humans interfere far too often and usually end up causing destruction far more than good, even when intentions were well meant. Of course, it is quite impossible to always clearly foresee future results of our actions, but without taking the time to thoroughly think through all the possibilities, we achieve what we have with agriculture; a problematic planet which is slowly falling apart.
This beautiful, amazing planet of ours was doing just fine providing us with the essential things we inhabitants needed for survival, as well as family and social unity which in much of the world is very different today. So, we must ask ourselves, why when hunting and gathering provided us with all our needs, we were healthier and the world we lived in thrived, did we choose to destroy our forests, oceans, lands and strip our world of so much it offered. While people have many wonderful theories, all I see at the root, is greed.
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I’m not sure that there is a place where the negative effects of agriculture aren’t felt. Through my research, I came across multiple articles about how there are many seemingly untouchable or disconnected indigenous tribes of the Amazon, the Congo, Indonesia, etc. that are feeling the effects of agriculture, even though they may not partake in agriculture or do very little of it for self-sustainability purposes only. Their forests and natural habitats are being destroyed, their water is being polluted due to machinery and runoff. Man-made fires, where fires were never an issue prior and they are even being murdered for their
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