Agricultural Education And Agriculture Education

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While growing up on a farm, I always thought that if someone wanted to be educated in agriculture that meant they would end up working with livestock or crops. As I continued on with my education in agriculture, I came to find out that there is so much more when it comes to agricultural education. It is really two parts that came together as one. The first part is agriculture which is the more science based and the second part is education which deals more with involved learning. Both are separate but work together in order to communicate what agriculture is all about. There are multiple definitions given for Agricultural Education depending where you are looking. Kirby Barrick wrote an article called “The Discipline Called Agricultural Education” where he broke down the terms agriculture and education. According to his article, he defined education as “a field of study that concerns itself with the principles and methods of teaching and learning” (Barrick, 1988). He proceeded to define agriculture as “the science or art of the production of plants and animals useful to mankind and the preparation of these products for mankind’s use and their disposal, such through marketing” (Barrick, 1988). I believe these are accurate definitions because I think it portrays how they are two completely different words and yet they work together to form the discipline of Agricultural Education. The agriculture part helps depict what information is going to be taught, and the
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