Agricultural Marketing Research

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AGRICULTRAL MARKETING RESEARCH Contents Abstract: 3 Introduction: 3 Products: 4 Price: 5 Distribution: 7 Issues: 7 References: 8 Abstract: Brazil has an extremely diversified climate and has all the natural resources for agricultural production. The study aims to conduct a marketing research on the agricultural industry of Brazil to figure out the profitability and the issues of this industry. Introduction: Brazil is an extremely rich country in terms of agricultural resources. The southern half of the country is responsible for the high production rates in the export crops and oilseeds. The southern part has a climate which suits the production of grains and oil seeds as it are a semi temperate climate. This area has higher rate of rainfalls and has the technology and infrastructure to support the highly skilled farmers of this region. The northern region lacks the adequate infrastructure to support farming. The climate of the northern region is also not suitable for agriculture. The central region of Brazil contains grasslands and has a wide range of trees. These grasslands are quite fertile and a lot of grazing is done in this region. (Mia MacDonald and Justine Simon, 2010) Brazil is a country which is self sufficient in food as the agriculture industry is well diversified. The industry contributes to 8% of the GDP. There are over 6 million agricultural enterprises in Brazil which is responsible for the employment of almost one fourth of
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