Agricultural Pollution And The Environment

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Farming and commercial food, whether it be plants such as potatoes and corn, or the walking chunks of meat like pigs and cows, it’s all hurting the environment. As the human population has grown it has unnecessarily upgraded its wants to needs and has required an extraneous amount of resources beyond what an individual needs to survive. One of these exploited resources in food which a majority of people are no longer getting sustainably. Increase in demand means increase in supply, however the increase agricultural production prompts widespread agricultural pollution in the water and air as well as causing harm to the population that’s ultimately needing more every minute.
Agriculture pollution is a type of pollution that not many people think can cause tons of pollution in the country as everyone in Florida, and the world, relies on farmers for their grocery store food. The main causes of agricultural pollution are the pesticides and fertilizers that farmers use to, as the name suggests, kill of insects that may eat or harm their crops, as wells as help their crops grow in order to have a more abundant yield. It should be common sense that the chemicals found in pesticides are not found in nature, therefore it never disappears completely after it has been washed away from the crops. Instead, the chemicals that remain seep into the water and get into underground water systems and, depending on where the farm is, they even runoff into bodies of water causing runoff pollution.
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