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There are countless sources of water pollutions that exist today due to our industrious and technologically advanced lifestyles. However, the most vexing is caused by the most basic necessity for survival, Agricultural Pollution. Agricultural Pollution is defined as, “ liquid and solid wastes from all types of farming activities, including run-off from pesticide and fertilizer use, and from feedlots; erosion and dust from ploughing; animal manure and carcasses; and crop residues and debris. In essence Agricultural Pollution is a nonpoint source water pollutant since it comes from various locations and cannot be pinpointed” (EPA-web). Although there are many practices already in place that will decrease the pollution, increase …show more content…
Livestock Grazing
Overgrazing exposes soil, increasing the chances of erosion, encourages adverse plants, and destroys water filtering vegetation.
Excessive irrigation can decrease the amount of water that flows naturally into streams and rivers by erosion as well as transport concentrated salts to.
As with the other chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, are used to produce a quality product for the consumers. These chemicals affect water pollution through run off, direct application, and atmospheric deposition.
TABLE 1: Leading sources of water quality impairment in the United States (US-EPA, 1994)
Rank Rivers Lakes Estuaries
1 Agriculture Agriculture Municipal point sources
2 Municipal point sources Urban runoff/storm sewers Urban runoff/storm sewers
3 Urban runoff/storm Hydrologic/habitat modification Agriculture
4 Resource extraction Municipal point sources Industrial point sources
5 Industrial point sources On-site wastewater Resource extraction Unbeknownst to the general public, outside of the enthusiastic environmentalist, the Neuse and Trent Rivers are heavily contaminated and yet authorities are doing little about it as far as prohibiting swimming, fishing, and water collection for drinking. After Hurricane Irene hit the area, in August 2011, the Neuse River Keeper Foundation set out to collect samples to see what damage had been done.

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