Agriculture : Agriculture And Agriculture

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Agriculture is sometimes thought of as farming, but agriculture is actually much more than just farming. Agriculture includes dairy, fruit cultivation, forestry, harvesting of honey, and much more! Our agriculture is important to the survival of our country. Without agriculture, our country would be starving and our economy would plummet dramatically. Our country’s agriculture insures food security for us as well as some profit for farmers who decide to sell and export out of the country. Sometimes leftovers of the food we produce are used to feed our animals, which in turn provide the people of our country with meat. What if our agriculture was nonexistent? Our lives would be much different from how they are today for sure. We wouldn 't have enough food to feed our families, and the citizens of America would succumb to stealing and fighting for every scrap of food we could find. The first largely agriculturally harvested crops of our country included tobacco and cotton; the labor used to cultivate these crops is as unique to our country and its beginning as our different crops. Agriculture in America first started in Jamestown, when John Rolfe decided to start a commercial crop in and around the Virginia colonies. He started experimenting with tobacco that had been grown the West Indies, and then brought to America. Tobacco quickly became the most profitable crop in America. Although this was the first profitable crop in America, the low quality of this product
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