Agriculture, Horticulture And Ancient Egypt

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Agriculture & Horticulture in Ancient Egypt
This paper will discuss the history of agriculture in Egypt, the forms of agriculture, horticulture farming, and climate among other factors. The paper will also discuss issues of ploughing, irrigation, harvesting, livestock farming planting and the crops grown in this area. Thus, this paper would discuss the above-mentioned subtopics and indicate their contribution in the development of agriculture and horticulture in Egypt and the world at large. The description of agriculture resembles that of farming. Thus, agriculture is the business, science or occupation of cultivating land, raising livestock and producing crops (El-Ramady et al, 2013). Before the prospects of agriculture, ancient world people used the activities of gathering and hunting as their means of survival. Thus, agriculture preceded the practice of hunting and gathering among the ancient people particularly those from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Middle East is credited as being the region where civilization commenced in society and many discoveries such as agriculture were discovered in this location. Scenically, the Egyptian landscape is among the extraordinary lands in the globe. The land comprises a relatively narrow strip of fertile valley that spreads out into the north delta, while the south spreads through an endless Sahara expanse. The Egyptian land fertility has never relied on the amount of rainfall for farming and agriculture. The…
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