Agriculture In Iowa

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Agriculture in Iowa is one of the best in the United States, This is why living in Iowa in awesome. In this paper I will be telling you why living in Iowa is so great. I will also tell you a bunch about what makes Iowa so popular in Agriculture and I will also be telling you how and why Iowa is one of the best in the country for Agriculture. I personally think that Iowa is the best in the country for all agricultural use because of how much spare land that we have to build off of and all of the new technology that farmers are getting to produce more crops and help animals live longer.
My first topic that I will be talking about to you will be about the crops that we have in Iowa and what makes Iowa the best state for growing crops for the
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2.51 Billion bushels of corn was produced on Iowa farms in 2015. Iowa also produces more than twenty-five percent of all of the U.S. ethanol fuel for vehicles. The Hawkeye state has more than 30 million acres of farmland, which include corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, and chickens. Iowa also generates more than 30 billion dollars a year in all sorts of agriculture produce.
Right now when I am currently writing this paper Iowa is leading the country in egg production with 491,586,000 eggs, I am happily saying this because my family is contributing to this because of our mid sized chicken farm, Thats a lot! Did you also know that an average hen lays around 279 eggs per year in
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Iowa has a large Manufacturing Industry with the largest Cereal Mill and Iowa also has the largest popcorn processing plants in the world and they are not far apart from each other. Planters are a piece of equipment that farms use to plant their crops out into the field, They start in a box where the seed is poured into and they they fall down a pipe where it individually shoots them down onto the soil. Another useful piece of farm equipment is the sprayer, The sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to spray chemicals on to the plants and the ground to kill off the weeds that take water and nutrients from the plants, They also spray on fertilizer to help give extra nutrients to the plant for healthier and faster growth.
Iowa farmers exported more than 10 billion dollars worth of Agricultural products in 2013, Know wonder why Iowa is second in the country of Agriculture Exports. Did you know that one acre is equal to one football sized field without counting the endzones, Well Iowa’s average farm is 331 of those. Iowa’s average farm size was around 331 acres of land per
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