Agriculture In The United States

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Over the years agriculture has nearly diminished from the workforce. Why is this happening? In fact, ever since the Industrial Revolution’s promises of “big city success” agriculture has taken a hit. Agriculture has been a foundation for the infrastructure of the United States since it’s creation. Agricultural careers are a necessity for the nation. It is important through the history, from whom it affects, the effects on the environment and people, and to find a solution to the loss of this core element. Since the beginning of human development humans have been revolving around agriculture. It is known that, “Archaeologists and palaeontologists have traced the origins of farming to around 10,000 years ago” (Mason). This is truly remarkable to believe that the revolution as a whole may pivot on this period so long ago. Once this happened agriculture began popping up all around the ancient world spreading like wildfire. This planting of crops and domestication of animals allowed people to develop specialization because not everyone had to forage anymore. This allowed…show more content…
Every living organism on the planet has to eat and without farmers that production is lost. Crash Course reports, “Before the Industrial Revolution about eighty percent of the world’s population was engaged in farming to keep itself and the other twenty percent of people from starving. Today, in the United States, less than one percent of people list their occupation as farming” (“Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution”). That leaves only one percent of people to feed the other ninety-nine percent of people in the country. What if something were to happen to this one percent? People are completely reliant on this small group of people to care for them, this must be unbelievably stressful on these farms knowing the demand. If the population continues to grow at it’s projected rate, then starvation will only worsen and America will face a large tribulation as a
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