Agriculture Is An Essential Component That Supports The Lives Of Many Individuals Essay

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In society today, agriculture is an essential component that supports the lives of many individuals. Agriculture is able to provide individuals with food and other necessities in order to survive. Although agricultural methods in the past can be associated with sustainability due to farmers working out in the fields as a means for food production, the pressure to obtain economic profit that society began to possess with the introduction of the green revolution allowed for many corporations such as Monsanto to develop and take part in industrial agricultural methods. The Monsanto Corporation is located in St. Louis Missouri and is known as an “American multinational agrochemical and agriculture biotechnology corporation” (“Company History”, N.d). Monsanto was founded in 1901 and began to create herbicides between 1945 and 1976. With the success of the herbicide creations, Monsanto then began to develop plants that contained biotechnology traits known as genetically modified organisms (GMO) or genetically modified (GM) crops (“Company History”, N.d). According to Halford (2003), “ The term genetically modified (GMO) is a relatively new expression that describes a plant that contains a gene or genes that have been introduced artificially. Such plants are also described as being transgenic or having been transformed.”(p. 23). Although these organisms have been around for a considerable amount of time and genetic engineering is used in many places across the globe today, when
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