Agriculture and Wiley Essay

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Week 4 worksheet ENV/100 August 16, 2013 Tiffany Alvarez Week 4 worksheet How do minerals affect society? Minerals can affect society in many ways for example; Surface mining destroys vegetation across large areas, increasing erosion. Open-pit mining uses huge quantities of water. Acid mine drainage is pollution caused when dissolved toxic materials wash from mines into nearby lakes and streams. Minerals is approximately 80 percent of mined ore consists of impurities that become wastes after processing. These wastes, called tailings, are usually left in giant piles on the ground or in ponds near the processing plants (Figure 12.9). The tailings contain toxic materials such as cyanide, mercury, and sulfuric acid. Left…show more content…
Vast numbers and kinds of organisms, mainly microorganisms, inhabit soil and depend on it for shelter, food, and water. Plants anchor themselves in soil, and from it they receive essential minerals and water. Terrestrial plants could not survive without soil, and because we depend on plants for our food, humans could not exist without soil either (Wiley, 2013). What types of organisms are found in soil? Determine the relationship between soil and organisms. Soil organisms carry out nutrient cycling, the pathway of nutrient minerals or elements from the environment through organisms and back to the environment. What is soil erosion? How can soil become polluted? What effect does soil erosion and pollution have on the environment? Soil organisms provide ecosystem services such as maintaining soil fertility and preventing soil erosion. Water, wind, ice, and other agents cause soil erosion, the wearing away or removal of soil from the land. Soil erosion reduces fertility because essential minerals and organic matter are removed. Erosion causes sediments and pesticide and fertilizer residues to pollute nearby waterways ( Wiley, 2009). What is the purpose of soil reclamation? To undertake soil reclamation, erosion protection, Site restoration and reinstatement, taking into account natural processes, operational requirements and technical feasibility, to
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