Agriculture in Schools

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Students do not have to be a cowboy to be part of the largest student organization in the entire world! There is a wide range of showing, judging, leadership teams and competitions. Not only that but scholarships! To collages that see students long term goals in agriculture. Most of agriculture students already took a Career Development Collage class before even graduating high school. Having agriculture in schools motivates students to pursue a career in agriculture with FFA, scholarships, and career development. FFA is one of many extracurricular activities students can take in agriculture classes. Just because students are in agriculture or FFA does not mean they are a farmer, wear cowboy boots, and Cinch shirts. It is not only boys in FFA, girls are some of the main participators in agriculture. “André Hall lives in the city and has never plowed a field or fed a hog, but she proudly wears the blue jacket long associated with the organization once called Future Farmers of America.” Sometimes students do not know that even in the big city they have resources in agriculture. Agriculture is all around the world. There is a big variety of different activities in FFA, or in agriculture in general. A member of Future Farmers of America, Rebecca Moore, explains she, “didn’t know what she could raise living in the city,” an agriculture project. Stock showing is almost a sport. People come to watch just like students would at a football game. Students do students best. The only
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