Agrippina Strengths And Weaknesses

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Many of Agrippina’s strengths were also her greatest weaknesses. Her political ability and ambition were great strengths of character, as was her determination, but at times she aimed too high and was ultimately brought down by the very traits that had enabled her to achieve positions of power. Agrippina was able to become one of the most significant women of the Ancient Roman World, but at the same time she was considered manipulative, and was despised by many, including eventually her son - the Emperor Nero, who had her killed in the year 59 CE. Despite holding no official political status, and being limited by her gender, Agrippina reached unprecedented heights and helped stabilise the Claudius Regime, demonstrating her strength as a…show more content…
According to Barrett, Pallus also allowed Agrippina access to the finances of the Empire whilst he was the rationibus. In return, Agrippina made it possible for his brother to take on the role AS the Procurator of Judaea from the year AD 53. Moreover, in the year AD 49, Agrippina used her influence over her husband Claudius to persuade him to give Seneca the role of Praetor, after having him recalled from exile. Agrippina wanted her son Nero to have the best education and according to Cassius Dio, a Roman statesman and Historian, “Agrippina was training her son for the throne and entrusting his education to Seneca” (1925). It is also widely believed that Seneca was devoted to her and was forever grateful because of her favours, which in her eyes could have no negative impact. Further, Agrippina aligned herself with the Praetorian guard, Sextus Afranius Burrus, who were made the sole praetorian prefect in the year AD 51, after Agrippina pressured Claudius. Tacitus recalled that Burrus was “fully aware whose initiative was behind his appointment” (trans.1971) and that the power that Agrippina held, as a result of their relationship, was a great facilitator for Nero’s eventual rise to power. Both Seneca and Burrus became influential in their roles as

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