Agrobionsa Motivation Statement

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Agrobionsa, one of the largest bio-control companies in Mexico, was founded by both my father and grandfather in 1994. The company’s history traces back to when my grandfather noticed a cancer epidemic in his hometown of Culiacan. As the owner of an orange grove, he was worried that the use of chemicals on crops triggered this problem. This prompted my family to found Agrobionsa, as they aimed to find a solution to avoid the use of chemicals on agricultural crops due to the negative impact that those substances have on people's health and the environment. Even though it was a challenge to demonstrate that a biological, non-harmful, product could deliver equal and better results than the chemicals that were currently being used, their perseverance…show more content…
For instance, I was 6 years old when I learned the importance of preserving the environment and advocating for social well being. The daily conversations regarding the company’s performance and the way the businesses’ obstacles were approached, also taught me the foundations of business management. These dialogues and activities served as the catalyst to my international business career. My belief in Agrobionsa’s mission served as my motivation to help widen the company’s horizons. My passion and eagerness to position Agrobionsa as a leader in the global market encouraged me to apply for the Masters of Global Business at the University of Victoria; As I believe that the program will provide me with the tools needed to understand international markets. Not only will the program enable me to grasp the concept presented within the classroom, but I am also confident that by learning through experience the socioeconomic differences of North America, Asia, and Europe, I can develop a broader knowledge of each market. The opportunity to study and live in three different continents in less than a year, along with the option to do an internship abroad, seems like a challenge that would not only reinforce my global mindset, but also foster my professional and personal growth, while helping me reach my

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