Aguero Sisters Cultural Identity

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The Agüero Sisters, a novel by Christina García, explores the desire to understand and connect with one’s past through memory, specifically calling attention to those that evoke feelings such as dislocation and loss. Through these concepts, the Agüero family longs to identify with the Cuban nation they once called home. In this context, García rewrites cultural identity as one that transcends borders and is further maintained through personal memory.
Through her portrayal of the characters of Constancia Agüero and Reina Agüero, García captures the experience of those whose lives were changed through separation from their Cuban nation. While both of the Agüero sisters ultimately left Cuba at some point in their lives, both Constancia and
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Constancia enjoyed the disconnect New York created between her and her memories of Cuba, but has to face the reality that in Miami, Constancia assumes a renewed sense of Cuban consciousness.
Constancia soon finds that every aspect of Miami reminds her of her short-lived childhood in Cuba:
The light is blinding too, a sentence to the past, to her life in Cuba. Everywhere there is a mass of disquieting details… The accent of the valet who parks her car. Her seamstress’ old fashioned stitching. And the songs, slow as regret… (García 46).
Constancia’s sense of loss rests in her description of Miami as “a mass of disquieting details” and its “blinding” light. While she tried for many years to shelter herself from feeling the loss of her mother, her childhood, and above all, her home, the similarity of Miami’s geography and societal norms forces her to recognize her true cultural identity. Being situated in a place similar to that of Cuba is unsettling for Constancia as she listens to the music broadcasted on the radio. She describes this music as to embody notions of “regret”, symbolizing the overreaching desire of Cuban Americans to return to a world that no longer exists as they once knew it.
Themes of dislocation and loss through memory are also apparent in the transition of Constancia’s physical appearance to be identical to that of her mother’s. Constancia’s past creeped into her life

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