Ah-Ha Response Essay

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Katlin, your first ah-ha moment caught my attention the most. Thank you for listing a couple of the Code of Ethics created by the National Education Association. After reviewing the information that you provided in your Ah-ha response, I noticed that neither statement that you mentioned stated anything about social economics. Principle number one included social and/or cultural backgrounds, but did not provide details as to whether or not this terminology was only referring to how a person dresses and the activities that he/she chooses to participate in and/or the type of community that he/she lives in. The terminology could be referring to both, but one must do research to figure out what exactly is covered under this principle. If the terminology is not…show more content…
If a Kindergarten student comes to school on the day of a field trip with holes in his/her pants and a broken zipper and the teacher does not allow the students to go on the field trip, because of it this may be considered an example of social economics. Little did the teacher know, the student’s parents are separated, his mom works two part-time jobs to make ends meet, and has a 1-year-old that takes most of the income. What should this teacher do? Punish the student, by leaving him/her at the school? Principle number one should be used in schools and within the classroom. I work I grew up and went to school in a small town too, where not very many resources were available. Your post reminded me of last year around this time, when I applied for a teaching position through a program called Teach for America. It is a nonprofit agency that helps to recruit and train individuals interested in teaching as a career. The selected candidates do not just teach anywhere, they work with youth in low income school districts. Some of the schools within these districts are schools that are on the verge of closing due to lack of funding and adequate resources, which forces students to join another school
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