Ah-Q Identity

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The text by Lu Xun, The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China, is a collection of short stories which Lu Xun uses to explain not only his view of China but also the stereotypes and class division that is a precedent in these stories. These themes of cultural identity often come up in the collection and are a key way that Lu Xun uses to characterize the people in the collection. This aspect of characterization and theme of Cultural Identity helps to develop the thesis; the short story collection, The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China by Lu Xun, develops and shapes characterization through the use and development of the theme of cultural identity. By understanding the theme to a greater extent, one can deepen their understanding…show more content…
This is evident in the story of Ah-Q where, Ah-Q, is an impoverish man who has nothing, who is, furthermore, looked down upon like gum on a shoe. Contrastingly, the Zhaos are looked upon like gods among men which is evident in phrases such as a man “as rich and powerful as Mr Zhao” (pg. 88). Ah-Q, early in the true story of Ah-Q, has only rages, the cloths on his back and his wages. This heavily contrasts with the Zhaos, as shown before, who not only have a grand house but servants among other things. The Zhaos in the town are viewed with a high regard which shown time and time again, through the interactions of the other members of the upper class. Everyone in the story politely and respectfully refers to the Zhaos when doing so, except for Ah-Q. Moreover, when Ah-Q does this he is ousted by the community for going against the Zhaos as shown when he can no longer find work. Shown on page 99 when Ah-Q discovers that D, another poor man is shown to be preferred to do the work that Ah-Q used to, even among "families that until now had always been clamoring for a bit of causal labor" (pg. 99). Nevertheless, this shows the class division as it is clear the respect that Mr Zhao has over Ah-Q. This relates back to the thesis as this allows for the author to characterize the character of Ah-Q as an individual looking to rise to the top of the social latter, as well as establishing him as the underdog through this from of cultural identity. The true story of Ah-Q also relates to the political struggles of the time as this story shows the social rise of an individual, Ah-Q, as well as how he is able to do this throughout the
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