Aha Leadership Definition

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1. Reflect on your definition of leadership. Has it changed?
I believe I will continue the way I do things. I think talking, showing and understanding is what everyone needs to do. A work environment that is closed in and separated does not help with change. According to Winston and Patterson (2006), there are multiple articles on leadership and it comes back to “A leader is one or more people who select, equips, trains, and influences one or more follower(s)” (p. 7). The more personable and face to face managers is better the email. I think less email and more conversation in person is still the best way to join the workforce as one. Sometimes emails are sent and are miss read which builds conflicts instead of bonds.
2. What has influenced the change or kept it the same? Reflect on 1-2 “Aha!” moments related to your eight-week study during this course.
The Aha moment seems that in general many of the problems that I see are just not in the military but in the civilian workforce as well. Communication always seems to be a key point of missing the mark.
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The first one is just simply communicating with others. It is okay to ask for help or a better understanding of the situation. Ask the questions whether face to face, email or phone, do not sit there and attempt a task that is confusing. The second would be to not act like they know it all. Ask the employees how they do things before changing processes randomly. After accessing the process with the employees it is possible that the process is outdated and needs to be changed or it is fine as is. Third understands what is going on with their employees. Their lives can affect their work life and if the manager can see that something is wrong, it may be possible to help before it becomes a problem. According to Reese (2014), the organization’s management must understand and reach their employees to support the vision and mission of the
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