Ahmad Tea Company: PESTLE Analysis

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Introduction The Ahmad Tea is the world's most exclusive tea and a family business based in United Kingdom that draws different generations of tea blending as well as tasting experience. The Tea is renowned for its high quality of teas across the world even though it was only a family business. Ahmed Tea uses a deep green color as their logo and labels which attracted the eye of most people. Ahmad Tea has a range of product which includes; English tea No 1 Range is Ahmad Tea's exclusive blend which is the Company popular award winning blend for the occasions however; it is renowned not to be the best selling product in the Company. The product range is offered in ranges which includes gift caddies that makes it to be a wonderful tea to enjoy as well as to share. Classic Tea Range is identified to be the favorite classics tea for the English Cup and it is the first product range through which the Company managed to establish their reputation in. The product range also consists of its ranges including cardamom, Ceylon and many others. Fruit Black Tea Range on the other hand is full with flavors and it can be enjoyed when it is hot or iced. The product brings the rainbow of colors as well as moods. The enjoyable Fruit Tea Range consists of Vanilla, strawberry and mango. Herbal and Fruit Infusions are very delicious as well as healthy as compared to the regular teas. This type of product range consists of mixed citrus, mixed berries and more others Selection Pack Ranges

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