Ahmed Deedat

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Ahmed Deedat
Draft One
Name: Fatima Qassim
Professor: Marion Engin

One of the great sayings of Ahmed Deedat “Do not seek to find reasons why elections are not possible seek to make them possible, and they will be possible”(Ahmed Deedat n.d). Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Hussein was born in the city Sirat, India, in 1918. His father moved to South Africa after he was born and then when he became nine years old his mother passed away. Deedat’s father decided to spend their rest of their life in South Africa. Ahmed was an excellent student; he exceeded in all his studies although he faced different languages and it was hard for him to understand but he did his best to learn it. Ahmed deedat is my hero for
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Ahmed Deedat was awarded the king Faisal International award in 1986 for the efforts he had achieved in the world of Islam. With his mission to project the truth and the pure beauty of Islam, Ahmed Deedat occupied himself into presenting some activities over the next three years. He directed many classes on Bible studies and gave several lectures. “He established the As-Salaam, an institute to train propagators of Islam. He, together with his family, almost single-handedly erected the buildings including the masjid which is still a landmark today” Pease TV (Ahmed Deedat n.d). Moreover Ahmed Deedat was awarded and honored several times, but that will not capture his essence and passion for Islam. It shows Sheikh Deedat’s logical compilations drawn from personal encounters and experiences against many fundamental distortions. In conclusion, I chose Ahmed Deedat as my hero because he had achieved one of the great achievements which was a challenge for him to defend the Islam and have the guts to face the world in. "This religion came to appear on all religion and all ways of life, whether Jewish or Christian or Communist, whatever philosophy or religion, Islam decreed to be dominated by all" (Ahmed Deedat n.d). Muslims are
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