Ai Weiwei : Never Sorry

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Ai Weiwei is a famous international artist and a most outspoken regional critic in China. Ai express his opinions though social media, visual arts and performing arts. In order to stop Ai’s criticism,Chinese authorities have shut down Ai’s blog, beat him, and take him to secret detention centers. Klayman spend 3 years to filmed “AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY.” “AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY”was shot in documentary style. Ai is not a actor,he express his real life in the movie. Alison Klayman try to discuss the Ai’s inner world in the movie. Film not only shows the Ai as an artist, blogger and activist, but also reveal the Chinese system of injustice. It shows the Chinese other side which besides the economic boom, and the government propaganda. Klayman show a interesting relationship between Ai and his son in the film, “AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY” describe Ai’s creation and show his political critical work, In Ai’s work, we can think about the background of the work. One of the political criticizing of creative subject is schools collapsed because of "tofu dreg construction" which cause thousands students deaths.

In the film, we do not see abusive situation about the Ai, but we can see Ai confrontation with Chinese government so many times. In this section, we can see non-uniformed personnel secretly shoot Ai eat with friends, and Ai’s assistant shoot back on-uniformed personnel . At the last 10 minutes in the film, Ai disappearance in the social. After many days, Klayman know Chinese

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