Aicpa Code Of Professional Conduct

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Introduction AICPA Code of Professional Conduct is the code of conduct that required each member of the organization to follow rigorously and act with integrity, objectivity, due care, competence, fully disclose any conflicts of interest (and obtain client consent if a conflict exists), maintain client confidentiality, disclose to the client any commission or referral fees, and serve the public interest when providing financial services. Accountants are relied upon to be trustworthy and maintain high ethical standards. It is because of the nature of the profession that puts them in a position of trust with people who rely on their professional judgment and guidance in making decisions. These decisions are extremely important in accounting…show more content…
Section 50 - Principles of Professional Conduct Section 50 of the AICPA code of Professional conduct membership for certified public accountant is voluntary. By being a member of this organization, members are obliged to have high ethical values and follow the rules and regulations. These laws are set to evaluate their performance of their professional responsibilities and express the basic tenets of ethical and professional conduct. Accountants must be always professional always. There are many attributes that can describe being professional. Accountant must be trustworthy and this can go a very long way. The perception of the public is very important since accountant must be a truth teller and be a great communicator to give clear and non-confliction information to the clients, employers or the society. Professional certified public accountants are held in high regards, and public perception is very important and they must go far and beyond what is expected of them nor what the rules says. In carrying out their responsibilities, they must performed their duties in compliance with standards or ethical values of honesty, integrity, objectivity, due care, confidentiality, which must be fully committed to. They must put clients or public interest first before their own. Section 90 Rules - Applicability and Definitions The bylaws of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants require that members adhere to the rules of the
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