Aid For The United States

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Aid is defined as a voluntary transfer of resources from one government to another independent government, but to what extent should a country help. It is known that aid can be in the form of debt, food, or cash. Often in today’s world population many people agree or disagree with helping countries receive aid. The ones who don’t agree think that by giving a country aid, it makes them lazier and gives them no incentive. It also creates a corrupt government. But to the ones who do agree they think that by giving aid it helps a country in becoming stable more democratic. But with the amount given to these countries year after year, you sometimes begin to question government funding. How do most political officials decide which country should receive aid, when each country is different. The United States for example has used aid as a political tool to keep political interest in certain countries, but has it been effective. The article “who gives foreign aid to whom and why?” written by Alberto Alesina and David Dollar shows five major donor countries. Both authors for example state that the United States gives aid based on political interest specifically to the Middle East, the article also states that
“Benefits of foreign aid have recently been under severe scrutiny. Several observers argue that a large portion of foreign aid flow from developed to developing countries is wasted and increases unproductive public consumption. Poor institutional development, corruption,…
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