Aids Awareness By Larry Kramer

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In 1987, AIDS awareness activist Larry Kramer in his essay, I Can’t Believe You Want to Die, wrote, “AIDS is our holocaust and Reagan is our Hitler.” Kramer’s metaphor of the AIDS epidemic to the Holocaust is alluring to draw out parallels of genocide however the analogy stops at the fact that the Holocaust was deliberate human evil disguised as biological research to solve the “Jewish problem”, while HIV/AIDS was an actual disease without a solution that led to genocidal indifference from government and medical institutions. However, some processes of genocide such as the classification and dehumanization of a group of people are seen at the Holocaust in the early twentieth century as well as the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the late twentieth century. The Holocaust stemmed from Adolf Hitler’s violent interpretation of biology and unwillingness to understand the environmental causes of disease along with its biological ones. The HIV/AIDS epidemic seems to have striking similarities [i.e. homosexuality and being Jewish as disease or social other] Holocaust event because the people in power at the start of the epidemic ignored the biological/biomedical need of the victims while at the same time political leaders only acknowledged the environmental causes and not the biological. In this paper, I will discuss the ways the Holocaust, driven by deliberate biological purposes to “purify a race” resulted in the genocide of Jews, prisoners of war, and gypsies. It will also discuss the ways…
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