Aids : Hiv / Aids

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Oliver Au Yong
Global Health 101
Section AJ – Xiaochen Dai
Global Fund Assignment # 7
Country: Ghana
Disease: HIV/AIDS
Section 1: Introduction

Originally Ghana was a country that had strong Republican views upon obtaining independence in 1950’s but it was followed by years of instability due to tension between ethnic groups that only grew due to military power and the government’s inability to prevent a declining economy (Chazan). These events of the early history of the country lead to coups where the country eventually reformed its political views into a more democratic one towards the 1990’s, which is the beginning of the country’s higher level of commitment towards health care with ideals that follow the UN’s convention on human rights (Chazan).

Ghana is a country with a burden of HIV that affects about 220,000 people with only about half of them receiving ARV treatment (UNAIDS). There’s over 150,000 adults with HIV and about 10,000 deaths a year caused by HIV (UNAIDS). Ghana although has a large burden of HIV in its country, is doing better compared to other countries in West Africa in terms of education and health services. That’s why with the help of the Global Fund, Ghana can become a country where the mortality rate due to HIV can diminish. With aid from the Global Fund, Ghana can successfully attach barriers that prevent achieving higher health care such as transportation, education, organization, and financial resources. Money from the…

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