Aids : Hiv Screening Rates

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Dear: Michael York From: Webster Hospital and the Health Department Topic: HIV Screening Rates In Middleboro Summary: HIV is an existing issue in Middleboro and in the United States. Hillsboro county and capital city have the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the state. 70% of the people living with AIDS in Hillsboro County are white and the remaining 30% of people living with aids are distributed among African Americans, Hispanics and other [1]. In capital city the largest proportion of AIDS patients are white with 48% then African Americans with 36%. New HIV cases are frequently occurring in the male population, statewide there is a rate of 11.5% increase of new HIV infections in adults and adolescents [1]. There has been an Increase in HIV rates in Capital city and Hillsboro County during 2004 and 2014, from 21.3% to 22.9% in capital city, and 17.2% to 20.9% In Hillsboro County [1]. This increase of HIV/AIDS is a call for a population health solution. The rising rates of HIV lead us to believe there are barriers for HIV needs. Webster Hospital and the Health Department are proposing a mobile health innovation to increase encouragement among patients so they may seek HIV health services from their provider. We are also requesting affordable HIV Screening that will be covered by health plans without establishment of risk factors. The mobile health innovation will be a text message to encourage testing, preventative services and treatment. Webster Hospital and the Health
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