Aids In Latin America Essay

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Patients that are diagnosed with HIV and eventually AIDS often become stigmatized and experience discrimination in Latin America. These roots of stigma and discrimination are founded in societal inequalities embedded with the complex relationship between socioeconomic status, political policies, and cultural values. A stigma can be described as the identification a social group makes about an individual based on the physical deformities, character faults, and family lineages (race, nation, or religion) that are not part of the norms of society (Goffman 2009:4-7). This, in turn, causes the discrimination the individual faces, but more importantly alters their interpretation of themselves within society.
However, in Arachu Castro’s and Paul
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In contrast to Castro’s and Farmer’s research, Parker investigates how different sexual practices and language in Brazil contribute to the cultural interpretation of HIV/AIDS. However, both articles would concede on that HIV/AIDS is more common among the poor. Even though the articles focus on difference parts of Latin America, it can be demonstrated by Parker’s article that if the rich get sick, society pays attention and will seek a resolution for AIDS. However, if it a common man or someone poor society isolates the individual and does not advocate for treatment. Together, this articles pair to demonstrate how the force of structural violence determines a person’s potential sexual encounters, partners, resources, and practices. More importantly, differences in each society contribute to the organization of inequalities faced by individuals that have been put into place by the rules and regulations accepted by each culture. This rules and regulations define the hierarchy and accepted sexual practices of each level within the hierarchy, thus distinguishing who is more susceptible to
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