Aids Is Not A Congenital Disease

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The word AIDS means nothing but “ACQUIRED IMMUNO DEFICIENCY SYNDROME.” AIDS is not a congenital disease which means it is not present at the time of birth.AIDS weakens the immune system of human’s body making it unable to fight against any type of infection. AIDS is caused by HUMAN IMMUNO DEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV).HIV was isolated in the year 1983. HIV is a member of group of viruses known as retrovirus which have an envelope enclosing the RNA genome.
HIV originated in late nineteen centuary. HIV is a retrovirus which attacks T-cells of immune system. There are two forms of HIV virus which are HIV-1 AND HIV-2. Majority of AIDS cases are due to HIV-1.HIV-1 being etiologic agent for AIDS in U.S. and Central Africa while HIV-2 causes a similar disease in West Africa and parts of India.
Origin of both HIV-1 and HIV-2 can be traced to a species of chimpanzees who are natural reaservoir of HIV.
AIDS was first reported in the year 1981 in united states and in last 26 years, it has spread all over the world killing more than 25 million people. In India, first case of HIV/AIDS was seen in the year 1986 in chennai.The first patient in India of AIDS was a female sex worker.Early AIDS cases compromised homosexuals and drug addicts.Transmission of HIV infection occurs due to sexual transmission, perinatal transmission, transmission by blood or blood products(intravenous drug abusers,recipients of HIV infected blood and blood products and haemophiliacs), children born to a HIV infected…

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