Aids : Too Big Of A Problem

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AIDS: Too Big of a Problem Something that I have come to learn this semester in Core 7, between the books and lectures, is terrible the disease of AIDS is in Africa. The disease is taking over a million lives a year. The numbers are sickening to look at. The disease has become, undoubtedly, a huge problem in Africa. Is it possible to put a stop to this terrible disease that is killing Africans by the millions? AIDS is very prevalent throughout all of Africa. The presence of this epidemic is a massive problem that affects millions all throughout the entire continent. Former United States President, Bill Clinton, once said “We live in a completely interdependent world, which simply means we cannot escape each other. How we respond to AIDS depends, in part, on whether we understand this interdependence. It is not someone else 's problem. This is everybody 's problem”. It is known that AIDS are a problem, it is also know that they are a very big problem in Africa. The people of Africa, and truly people all around the world, need to realize how large of a problem AIDS are in Africa. The death numbers are astonishing and are something that we can help cut down on. Action needs to be taken in an attempt to prevent and also treat the epidemic that is AIDS. The continent of Africa, as a whole, makes up less than 20% of the entire planet’s population, but it makes up over 60% of the planet’s AIDS cases. So to make that a picture; think that there are 100 people in the world. Of…

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