Aileen Wuornos - Essay

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Aileen Wuornos
Criminal Justice 1010
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Mrs. Amanda Gentle
Sarah Dean
December 7, 2009

Riding the Pale Horse of Death, Aileen Wuornos murdered seven men over a nineteen-month period from December 1989 until November 1990, along highways in the state of Florida. While working as a prostitute, Aileen would solicit her victims then murder them. Wuornos confessed to committing seven murders. Aileen Wuornos was found guilty and convicted of six murders. Aileen received the dubious honor of being named officially the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s first female serial killer. Aileen was given six death sentences, more than anyone else on Death Row at that time and maybe even to this day. Ms. Wuornos was
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Aileen was engaging in prostitution, forgery, theft, and armed robbery. During this time Aileen attempted suicide. Aileen was a wreck emotionally and physically. This was due to her doping, drinking, and self-destructive lifestyle. In 1986, Aileen met twenty-four year old Tyria Moore at a gay bar in Daytona, Florida. Aileen was lonely, angry, and ready for a change, something new. Tyria and Aileen hit it off. Things were great for the couple for a while. Tyria loved Aileen so much she quit her job as a motel maid and let Aileen support them with her prostitution income. Due to Aileen’s income, the couple didn’t make it long before they started having money issues. Even with these problems, Tyria did not leave Aileen. Tyria would move with Aileen from one cheap motel to another. It wasn’t long before Aileen decided she would have to rob her John’s and then kill them to make ends meet.

On December 13, 1989, the corpse of Richard Mallory was found in the woods near Daytona Beach. Mallory had been shot three times and robbed. Two young men that were out looking for junk they could sell discovered Mallory along a dirt road close to Interstate 95, in Volusia County, Florida. Richard Mallory’s body was wrapped in a rubber-backed carpet runner. Mallory was a white male, only 51 years old. It was determined that Mallory was murdered on December1, 1989. Fingerprints were taken from his badly

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