Aims And Objectives Of Ergonomics

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(What is ergonomics?)
Ergonomics as a whole word means human factors. It is the scientific discipline that is concerned with the basic understanding of social interactions among the humans and the humans with the elements which are working in a system. It is the subject that uses theory, and its well-known methods and the principles to design a certain situation which is good for the human-beings working in an environment of the organization moreover it helps to optimize the overall performance of the organization.

The Ergonomists around the world have contributed in designing and evaluating tasks, products, jobs, and workplace environments that make the needs, limitations and the abilities of workers compatible. It is basically the science
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This situation affects their safety and welfare, as well as, that of organizations and societies.
High technology can make our lives more efficient and exciting. However, fascination with technology and overly ambitious business expectation can cause us to overlook human factors risks. Neglecting these risks can have serious effects on manufacturers, suppliers and service enterprises.
Therefore, ergonomics and human factors will be more important in postmodern era than when it was first introduced in the nineteenth century.
Objectives of Ergonomics in Organizations of Pakistan:
 To assess and quantify the safety measures taken at different sections of sugar mills and other big and small industries of Pakistan regarding ergonomics and occupational health.
 To point out critical shortfalls in the existing design of machinery and suggest the proper modification of the existing design to reduce accidents at different sections of sugar plant to be incorporated in industries work force by-laws
 To develop appropriate training and education program for operators in order to minimize occupational health disorders.
Benefits of using Ergonomics in
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