Essay On Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Science

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2.1 Aims of Teaching Science
2.2 Objectives of Teaching Science Major objectives Specific objectives
2.3 BLOOM’S Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Cognitive Domain Affective Domain Psychomotor Domain
2.4 Aims and Objectives of Teaching Science at Different Levels. Primary Level Secondary Level Higher Secondary Level Exercises Suggested Reading

Science is one of these human activities that man has created to gratify certain human needs and desires. Science has been pursued for so many centuries and attracted the attention of great scholars. Science gives the knowledge of certain facts and laws and an insight into methods and data. The rapid advancement of science and technology has made it all the more important to provide for science education in the schools. The important value of science is that it has introduced us to new ways of thinking and reasoning. It helps developing consciousness. It has given us a real insight into ourselves and the things around us. It sharpens our intellect and makes us intellectually honest and critical in observation and reasoning. It guides us to arrive at conclusions without any bias or prejudice. This
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This may include the identification of the parts, analysis of the interrelationships and recognition of the organisational principles involved. Learning outcomes here represent a higher intellectual level than comprehension and application because they require an understanding of both the content and the structural form of the material. The assessment verbs that Bloom recommends in this level are- analyse, classify, differentiate, distinguish, infer, point out, select, subdivide,
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