Aims And Objectives Of Tesco And Tesco

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Unit One—Assignment One (Learning aims A & B)

This report will review two contrasting businesses such as Tesco, who is a public limited company (plc) and RSPCA, which is a charity. I will focus on the features, stakeholders, organisation, and aims and objectives of two contrasting businesses and how these aspects will contribute or will not.
The features will cover:
• Ownership and Liability
• Purpose
• Sector
• Scope Of Activity
• Size
Then the report will look at the different formation charts, aims, and objectives and stakeholders. To see how they influence the success of this business. All of these helping to achieve their aims and objectives.

Tesco plc
Ownership and liability - Tesco is a multinational grocery and general merchandise. Founded in the east end of London by Jack Cohen in 1919. Registered in the UK, operates in 14 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. Also, a public limited company (plc). A plc is when shares are sold and traded on the stock exchange. Likewise, with it being a plc meaning they have limited liability meaning it protects the business against the risk of being sued so they are not held responsible. There are features that include that they buy and sell shares on the stock market meaning they have an increased capita since they issue shares and debentures.

The Scope of Activity - Tesco is an international business, but their first supermarket was not until 1958 in Essex where they only sold
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