Aims And Objectives Of Tesco PLC

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Aims and Objectives of Tesco PLC
An aim is a long-term goal of which takes short – term goals to achieve this which are called objectives.
The aims at Tesco PLC is to be a leading retail supermarket and that excellent quality services are provided whilst products such as food and clothes are of a low cost. By also having cheaper prices than competitors such as ASDA. The objectives in doing this is to increase profits by increasing sales to the maximum. This is done by providing a better service of care so that the current customers stay and attracting more customers from the competitors such as ASDA. Therefore, profit will increase due to the cause of an increase in sales. This objective is measurable due to being Tesco PLC can keep track of the volume of sales. Another objective is to minimise the prices of products of food and clothes. Tesco PLC aim for householders to have a cheaper trip by Tesco PLC offering more deals so then customers can take advantage of, so their shopping will be cheaper. Furthermore, this aim can be achieved. An extra objective is to sell more healthier food related products so that more customers will be attracted of whom are interested in a healthier lifestyle. Also, the objective of developing an online site so this will attract more customers and increase in profit due to people who may not have the time to physically go to Tesco PLC will be to shop some way. As online shopping is more convenient for some customers. Final objective for this
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