Aims and Values in School. 2.5

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Aims and Values of Schools:


* To attempt to reach a certain goal that gives people a purpose or intension to achieve a desired outcome. * It gives people/organisastions something to follow and work towards to achieve the best outcome. * To attempt the accomplishment of a purpose; to try to gain; to endeavor and aim to do well.


In order to achieve goals and aims, one strives and endeavours to attain certain actions, however such actions will not be undertaken at the expense of core values.

* Values offer principles and standards of behaviour that people and organisations follow. Values have a major influence on a person’s behaviour and attitude and serve as guidelines in all situations. * They are
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Aim 2: To ensure that every child is treated equally regardless of race, gender, social background and special needs:

Promoting equal opportunities is fundamental to the aims and ethos of the school. They welcome applications from candidates of all cultures and backgrounds. The school believes that this enriches the community and is vital in preparing the pupils for today’s world. They concentrate strongly on educating the individual, providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where each individual feels valued.
The school is committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of an individual’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, learning difficulty, body image or social background. We believe that the educational experience can only be enriched if children are exposed to as wide a range of cultural experiences as possible whilst they are developing.
Scholarships and bursaries may be offered in order to make it possible for as many as possible who meet the school’s admission criteria to attend the school.

The Headmaster, senior management team and staff play an active role in monitoring the schools policies on equal opportunities. Within their classes, assemblies, and sports they promote the following:

* Interact with all children, and encourage them to work as a team. * Tolerance of each other and respect for each other’s
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