Air Camera Research Paper

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It never fails to amaze everyone when you see an aerial view of a picturesque place. Undoubtedly, there are so many marvels our world has to offer, and there's a lot yet to discover. To manage a really spectacular shot, you need to be up in the air. It's easy enough to perform aerial photography but there are some points to take note of. For a hassle free experience, you just need to approach the right company.

What is the right company? It's an enterprise that makes it possible for you to do aerial filming and photography without the numerous hitches that you can potentially encounter. It offers a comprehensive list of related services so that you need only go to one place to take care of everything necessary to accomplish an aerial shot.
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Helicopter charter - There's no need to book a helicopter yourself. The staff will handle that, along with liaising with the pilot according to your production requirements.

3. Drone video services - Your aerial filming can be supplemented by videos taken by drones, which can reach places that many not be accessible via helicopter.

4. Photography equipment hire - Work with a company that can provide you with stabilised or non-stabilised camera systems. It would be good if you can choose from a wide selection of systems and mounts, including low-budget options.

5. Ground and support equipment hire - You have to think about landing as well, so your production may call for temporary heliports, landing lights, safety harnesses, LZ crash boxes, and VHF ground to air communication.

6. The Crew - There's more to aerial photography than just you and the helicopter pilot setting off to friendly skies to take your pictures or videos. It's a more involved setup calling for the services of a certified helicopter landing officer and first aiders. If you don't have your own people for what you want to do, the company should also be able to get you a photographer or a cameraman, an aerial director of photography and camera
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