Air Canada Aligned Business Strategy With Information Technology

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Air Canada Aligned Business Strategy with Information Technology

"In 2014, Air Canada achieved its best full year financial performance in the Corporation 's 77-year history," said Calin Rovinescu, President and Chief Executive Officer. (Air Canada Website CIO 2015) Adjusted net income was $531 million, representing an increase of 56.2 per cent year-over-year.” The purpose of this paper is to examine how Air Canada in 2011 successfully aligned their business strategy and Information Technology (IT) by managing information resources on several levels to accomplish a competitive advantage over other airline carriers and gain the attention of their customers through innovation. Finally, this paper will address suggestions to achieve better Business-IT alignment to meet Air Canada’s goals for the future and continued success.

A significant step towards Air Canada’s success was implementing a multiple-vendor sourcing strategy for IT. Utilizing their long time trusted partner, IBM, who was familiar with their industry needs and company IT standards became the key liaison for expanding additional technologies needed by other outside vendors. This newly expanded relationship between IBM and Air Canada allowed for the airliner to concentrate on what they do best which is fly airplanes and IBM to become an invested partner in the company’s success towards innovation because they were like an employee of Air Canada acting as their main IT sourcing vendor and consultant

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