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Executive Summary From the beginning, it was very apparent that Air Canada has come up with a very thorough contract agreement between themselves and their customers. The terms and conditions cover every aspect of the flight process from the purchase of the ticket to the moment you have reached your destination. All of these regulations have will be looked over clause by clause. After first glance, one may say that many of the conditions are unfair and harsh. What people must realize is that a contract is not made for their sake; it is made for the sake of the company that they are dealing with. In this case, it is made for the benefit of Air Canada so they can be protected under all circumstances. My recommendation to the customers…show more content…
I quickly became aware just after scanning over the conditions quickly that there are many rules I did not know existed and most people would be shocked to learn that they have to give up that right when flying with Air Canada. I also want to look at the clauses and see if I consider them to be fair. Most people would be shocked to learn of some of the clauses including the fact that in almost all situations where the end result is bodily harm or even death, Air Canada is protected and does not need to assume any responsibility for what happened. Of course, if something like this happens just due to negligence on the part of an Air Canada employee, that is a whole other story that will be discussed later on. If I find that I don’t think a point is fair, it will be a topic of discussion where I will recommend a solution that can help both parties. For the most part, customers and passengers of Air Canada must understand that they are not being forced to take a flight with their airlines. Air Canada is performing a service for them and if they decide to accept this service then they must be willing to abide and play with Air Canada’s rules. This is because the main objective of Air Canada when writing up this contract is to provide a service where they can make a profit, but do it in a way where they are not at risk and cannot get into legal trouble. People must remember
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