Air Driven Engine Project Report

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At first glance the idea of running an engine on air seems to be too good to be true. Actually, if we can make use of air as an aid for running an engine it is a fantastic idea. As we all know, air is all around us, it never runs out, it is non-polluting and it is free.

An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation. Compressed Air Technology is now widely preferred for research by different industries for developing different drives for different purposes. The Compressed Air Technology is quite simple. If we compress normal air into a cylinder the air would hold some energy within it. This energy can be utilized for useful purposes. When this compressed air expands, the energy is
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Fig. 2.1 working of two stroke engine
There are no traditional valves in a two-stroke engine. In a two-stroke the engines fires once every revolution. This makes the engine highly efficient and lightweight compared to four-stroke systems. Rather than entering through valves, the fuel/air mixture enters through an intake port and exhaust exits out of an exhaust port. In place of traditional valves the two-stroke engine uses the piston’s position to force out exhaust or suck in fuel mixture.
Reeds are vital to a two-stroke system. The reeds are placed between the intake manifold and the carburetor, open and close to allow the fuel / air mixture to enter the case of the engine and trap it, and ensure the proper exchange of gasses in the engine. This procedure might sound complex, but it is, in fact, extremely effective and easy to understand.
The whole cycle can be explained as follows:
1) As the piston moves from bottom dead center to top dead center it creates a vaccum to draw the fuel / air mixture through the carburetor and past the reed valve assembly.
2) The piston moves down from top dead center to bottom dead center. The reed closes, causing the pressure to build in the cylinder. The movement of the piston uncovers the intake port and pressurized the fuel / air mixture.
3) The piston now moves up from bottom dead center to top dead center, effectively ending a cycle and starting another. The spark plug
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