Air Force Adaptability

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Upon completion of Module 5, the concept that I found most important was the Three Elements of Adaptability; Cognitive, Emotional, and Dispositional Flexibility. I found this concept important as I discover myself utilizing one or more of these elements in my work-center daily. Having a deeper knowledge of each, will aid in my ability to identify when I must become more open minded, make decisions based on logic and not emotion, and/or have a positive outlook on circumstances that I have minimum control over. With the Air Forces’ continuously changing mission, I must have a keen ability to adapt and work outside of my comfort zone. Being able to adapt, will advance my growth as a leader and follower in the Air Force.
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I then punched the wall and looked at my other airmen. They didn’t respond, but their facial expressions let me know that I failed to handle that situation properly. I threw a temper tantrum because the situation did not go the way that I wanted it to go. Doing that may have made my supervisor and subordinates feel as if I wasn’t emotionally stable enough to lead. If I’m emotionally unstable to decide what’s right, how can they trust me to guide them when they need guidance? Would my peers trust me as a fellow NCO? If I would have had emotional flexibility in that situation, I would have thought about how I wanted to react before I reacted. By responding in a manner that showed that I cared about my friend/subordinates, I could have changed the outcome. If I expressed that I understood their frustrations, but that I needed them to complete the task because the aircraft was scheduled to fly an important mission the following day while also reminding them that we had a three-day weekend to look forward to, he/they may have responded differently. Showing optimism may not have made my subordinates happier to be at work, but
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