Air Force Clothing Allowance Policy

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1. This paper addresses the United States Air Force’s annual enlisted active duty clothing allowance policy. It will advocate for swapping to a controlled, one-for-one uniform exchange program from the current individual monetary payment system. By examining current system costs, potential negative feedback from affected parties, additional options available for members to procure items, and similar systems already being utilized, a potential for cost savings becomes clear.

2. The United States Air Force has a set annual monetary clothing allowance amount that is further broken down into male and female distribution categories.1 The current amount of enlisted Air Force active duty members is
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Depending on different career field types or if a person is a member of the Air National Guard, and if their state and orders status allows, they might already participate in a one-for-one uniform exchange program.9 When these individuals uniform items become unserviceable, they would have the option to return the items to the material management section responsible for reissuing serviceable uniforms. Enlisted members have the responsibility of maintaining seven complete sets of uniforms, but in the case of special purpose clothing requirements for assigned duties the organizational is responsible to ensure the member has the proper clothing.10 When examining uniform wear and tear, certain career fields are more susceptible to developing unserviceable uniforms; therefore, the individuals within those career fields have to spend more money than ones whose positions do not require them to be in such harsh working conditions.11 By going to a one-for-one uniform exchange program, individuals will only receive uniform items when those already have become unserviceable. This practice will also ensure individuals do not unnecessarily receive new uniform items every time they are set to
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