Air Force Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination In the IT world you are judged off of your experience. My age has limited my chance for experience. So, in the IT world where I am surrounded by 30-45 year old men who have been doing the job way longer than I have, my voice isn’t heard much. The ideas I pitch get crumpled up and thrown away. I feel like a henchman who comes up with a great idea; then, my boss comes and takes credit for the thinking of it first. There was one time where their discrimination against me blinded them from seeing something really important, and they regretted it. I work Cyber-Security for the U.S. Air Force. My job title is Malware Analyzer. This means I break down any packet of data that comes through our firewall and is flagged. So I can determine if it is malicious. If it is malicious I then have to have a member of my team review the packet, and if they concur, we block that content from touching our network ever again. This job isn’t the most glorifying Cyber-Security job, but it…show more content…
My team consists of 30-45 year old men who really love it and have stuck with it their whole career. I say this job isn’t glorifying though because most of the packets we see aren’t malicious at all. They mainly consist of false alarms. This makes us very bored, very fast. Sometimes, it forces people to lose alertness, and when you’re not alert; the attacker gets in. Well, it was the day before Christmas Eve. The president had declared it a half-day for all DOD employees, but we are an operation squadron. This means we don’t get to take half-day and, as you would guess, this made everyone a wee bit angry. I didn’t care because they were paying holiday hours which meant more money. So, I kept diligently doing my job. At about 3 in the afternoon, I came across a malicious packet. I passed it on to my team leader for review, who
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