Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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Many people ask what is the point of Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps., and what does it teach you? Here is some food for thought AFJROTC stands for Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. AFJROTC is a military regulated high school program, that teaches high school students leadership skills and traits and the benefits of being a citizen. It is to motivate students to be better American Citizens.
The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program was founded in 1911 in Cheyenne Wyoming. It was founded by Army Lieutenant(Lt.) Edgar R. Steevers, Lt Steevers was assigned as an inspector/instructor of the organized military of Wyoming. During his assignment he imagined an alternative cadet corps made up of high school students. His program was directed toward making better citizens. He wanted to teach young men and women the advantages of having a strong body and mind, the value of self-discipline, self-confidence and the importance of community service. They have many goals and some the goals that they set are to instill in high school kids a sense of accomplishment and personal responsibility. AFJROTC staff has 31 headquarters, and more than 1,910 retired officers and military enlisted instructors. There are 120,000 high school cadets and 870 AFJROTC units across the United States, also in selected Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Europe, public schools in Puerto Rico and Guam, and the Pacific. The Air Force plans to…
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