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Pilots in the U.S. Air Force are known widely as the best of the best, in the air and on the ground, and on soil both domestic and foreign. These professionals have gone through extensive training, both physically and mentally, to ensure their effectiveness as the most skilled pilots with the world, for example: being able to push their planes or helicopters to the limit in wartime scenarios and not get killed, deliver supplies to soldiers or civilians in need, and even transporting wounded off of a battlefield. a career as a pilot in the Air Force usually begins in high school, as your GPA influences the selection process, and may be a cause of you being rejected from the A.F. Academy, if you choose that path. The A.F. Academy is considered to be one of the greatest colleges in the U.S., offering some of the best education in the country, and is comprised of the best minds in the military. You go through your basic training for several weeks, and after the training process, you have to begin your studies whilst performing all tasks the officers and older cadets have set up for you. Thankfully, after the first year, the physical exercise is replaced by a higher dedication to your studies,…show more content…
Air Force pilots are considered by many to be some of the most intelligent and skilled people in the military, and are recognized as a force to reckon with in wartime due to their efficiency in combat missions.Their extensive training led to the development of their reaction times, and ability to improvise on the spot during a mission if a problem, or problems, emerge. Typical combat missions extend beyond the enemy lines to hit important weapons depots, installations, or high-value targets. They perform these missions with amazing precision, much like a surgeon's scalpel. This is very important, due to the high level of danger flying a aircraft at several hundred miles-per-hour over enemy territory, whilst dealing with the constant threat of ground fire, and enemy
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