Air France Financial Analysis

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Introduction to Finance Air France - KLM Financial Analysis. Before reading I chose Air France as a company to analyze it financially-speaking. But, as my major is in economy in ENPC, I will also include strategic information in this report. I based the financial accounting on the data provided by Yahoo! Finance, which are the three statements, back to March 31, 2007 for the oldest report base. I also reviewed some of other companies in the same business line, especially for main indicators (EBIT, ROC, ROA, P/E...). It will be mentioned when done so. 1. Introduction Air France-KLM is one of the major airline companies, and results of the merge of Air France and KLM in 2005. As for any…show more content…
We can expect better | | | | |afterwards. | |3.Fin. Structure |Debt Ratio |0.85 |Pretty good, valuable assets | | |Debt-to-Equity |171.1% |Seems bad, but normal for business line, | | |Total Liabilities/Total Assets |77.6% |(high needs). | |4. Asset Mgmt |Inventory Turnover |34.2% |Good. Shows previous good management. | | |Total Assets Turnover |0.9 | | |5. Various |EBITDA Margin |6.17% |Acceptable. | | |Return On Assets |-0.29% |Compared to 2007 years, low, but in this | | |Return On
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