Air New Zealand Board Of Directors Essay

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Air New Zealand Board of Directors need to have the skills of top managers, such as leadership, strategic planning and risk management. In addition, they need to establish any negotiating ability is excellent and build relationships with other major airline alliances.

b) Staff: Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon experience from other members of the January 2013 implementation of the team are:

• Cam Wallace - Chief Sales & Commercial Officer
• Rob MacDonald - Chief Financial Officer
• Bruce Parton - Chief Operating Officer
• Ink Feiluo Lin - Chief People Officer
• David Morgan - chief flight operations and safety officer
• Mike Todd - chief marketing and customer officer
• Stephen Jones - chief strategy officer networks and alliances

c) Structure: Here is the department subdivision of Air New Zealand.

d) System: Both New Zealand and Singapore Airlines Star Alliance, which includes 27 airlines from different part of the continents. In addition, Air New Zealand is the only member of the Australasian Union located.
In addition, revenue sharing agreement with Cathay Pacific Airways Auckland route started last year - to improve the status of Hong Kong Air New Zealand Southeast Asia. Other hubs in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Vancouver and London.
It also must be remembered that New Zealand is the New Zealand government-owned company (53% stake).

E) Share value: New Zealand 's culture is that many people consider to have a combination of increasing
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