Air Pollutants

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Air Pollutants There are many issues which people have to deal with when considering how we as a species are affecting our environment. Not only are chemicals and other pollutants making life difficult for other species, we are in fact poisoning ourselves with what we are sending out into our own atmosphere. In fact, the air that we breathe is no longer clean or fresh. Rather because of pollution much of the air is corrupted by pollutants. There are naturally occurring air pollutants, such as the ash that goes up into the air frm volcanic eruptions or from natural fires like when a tree is hit by lightning. However, since the discovery of fire, human beings have done more damage to the Earth than any other species on the planet. Some of the most prolific pollutants in our air, according to Richard Wright (2007), are: ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and lead (page 340). Any of these things, if one is exposed to it for lengthy periods of time, can cause lasting damage to people and to all other living things within an ecosystem. Scientists and environmental researchers have been able to provide evidence that pollutants in the air are dangerous and extremely hazardous to the health of humans and other living things. To combat further denigration of the atmosphere, several important pieces of legislation have been passed on both the state and federal levels. This legislation has made it mandatory for industries which had before
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