Air Pollution Affects Our Environment

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Air pollution effects our environment greatly. Air pollution affects things like the animals and people that live anywhere on the planet, but more importantly air pollution affects our ozone layer which protects people from harmful UV rays. If air pollution regulations were better meaning they were stricter then, there would not be as many drastic effects to our environment. Air pollution regulations need to be stricter. The Ozone layer is depleting due to air pollution. This can be caused by the smog that is released from Motor vehicles. “Motor Vehicles provide our atmosphere with 75% of the carbon monoxide emissions nationwide.” (Epa). The ozone layer is depleting due to the smog and other toxic compounds that are released into the atmosphere. “The Ozone layer is greatly affected by excessive release of chlorine and bromine. Motor Vehicles are also responsible for nearly half of smog and toxic air pollutants in our atmosphere.” (TheOzone) People who travel by motor vehicles have gone up every year. Also people are buying bigger cars that hurt the environment a lot more than they used to. Another affect air pollution has on our environment is how it is killing animals. Animals that live in our environment are dying because of the effects caused by air pollution. “Industries can emit large amounts of nitrogen and sulfur gases and those elements can be made into acid rain. They are responsible for about 50% of the pollution. In the U.S. Acid rain is one of the results of
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